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Elastin 3 is a skin care product created by Robelyn Labs, and claims to promote the reduction of stretch marks on the skin. Robelyn Laboratory is a cosmeceutical company that specializes in manufacturing skin care products for expectant women.

Elastin 3 claims to provide women with a better quality of life prior to, during and even after pregnancy through the means of healthy and stretch mark free skin.

While not a terribly bad product per se, Elastin 3 is not among the best skin creams you can purchase to deal with the problem.

The Ingredients of Elastin 3

If nothing else, you could call Elastin 3 a very unique product due to some of the less common ingredients that are found in it. These ingredients include Argireline and soy extract. How helpful they are can be debated since neither is really known for their skin health improvements.

The two helpful and most common stretch mark reduction ingredients, collagen and elastin, are both included in the stack of ingredients.

While the other items in the blend of ingredients are a nice inclusion, it is really these two ingredients that are the most impactful. Unfortunately, such ingredients are also found in scores of other stretch mark products which mean their inclusion here is not all that special.
Also included is an amino acid peptide not found in competitor products that can aid in restoring and repairing the skin.


  • This is a fast absorbing skin cream which means it will not remain on the surface of the skin. When you have excess cream on the skin’s surface, it will dry in the air. If it dries without absorbing, you will not experience much in terms of effectiveness.
  • Elastin 3 professes the ability to tighten the skin which means it may eliminate the presence of wrinkles on the skin. While this does nothing for those seeking to eliminate stretch marks, it can be considered an added benefit for those that wish to experience smoother skin.
  • Elastin 3 can work with all skin tones and types.


  • The price of the product is a little ‘up there.’ It is not an extremely expensive skin cream but it is above the average.
  • Collagen and elastin are certainly helpful ingredients but they are included in other cheaper products on the market that have long since established their effectiveness.
  • The manufacturer is very ambiguous regarding this product’s ability to reduce the presence of stretch marks that have been on the skin for an extended period of time

Elastin 3 Side Effects:

No reported serious side effects have been associated with this particular product. Skin irritation may occur, however, in those that are overly sensitive to such topical solutions. As such, experiences may vary among different consumers and users.


Robelyn Lab’s claims on the effectiveness of Elastin 3 sounds promising, and so do the testimonials and the photographs on the website. But, there have been no major studies and trials made yet in order to prove or disprove these claims.

Until then, it is wiser to stick to other proven products that are well worth the money and the effort.

To see which products have been rated highest by users and experts, keep reading below…

As of today, Skinception Stretch Mark Therapy has shown the best results for the consumers.

Rank Name GuaranteePriceDiscount Rating Info
Skinception67 days$69.95Yes

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Trilastin-SR60 days$79.95Yes

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Mederma Stretch Marks TherapyNo$39.99No

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skinception cream


Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is a topical cream that is targeted for stretch marks. It is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a company that specializes in beauty and health care products for men and women. The product promises to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in as little as two to three weeks of continuous use.

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Trilastin-SR promises significant reduction on stretch marks and skin discoloration within thirty days. It also increases the elasticity and the resiliency of the skin, protecting it from further damage. This product is a newly developed treatment and is a newly improved version of Trilastin, the stretch mark cream made famous by TV personality and model Tyra Banks.

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Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

Mederma is made from a patented formula which combines unique ingredients such as Cepalin, centella asiatica leaf extract and hyaluronic acid. Cepalin is the main active ingredient of the product and is an onion extract that has been known to soothe the skin from inflammation and irritation. Cepalin also softens scar tissues that have hardened as well as improve skin color and texture. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating agent that keeps the skin supple.

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  1. ty

    I used the product at 3months, I’m now 9months I ordered 6bottles I used it 3times a day faithfully, I massage it into my skin for 10mins and now that I’m 9months I’m seeing stretch marks, this product does not work! Try Aleo vera, vitamin e oil, and rub tea tree oil at night, its cheaper and it works! I hate elastin 3. Rip off! I could have been use home remedy products that work.

    Overall Not Rated

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